David Carl Raymer, Screenwriter Film and TV!

Hello!  I am David Raymer, longtime writer of Film and Television screenplays!  David Raymer, Screenwriter, can be easily reached at email: tacomadc@yahoo.com, or by telephone 928-846-9618 for your screenwriting needs, or a pitch for your production company, including a script and/or writing sample if needed.

 I hold a degree English Literature from University of California at Davis, with further studies in screenwriting at UCLA Film Extension School. I worked at NBC Television and Fries Entertainment bus/legal. I am now a Chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona, but still am writing screenplays and contacting producers and agents whenever possible.  I have eight completed feature film scripts, two TV movies, and six episodic television episodes including two pilots.

I have just been notified I am a finalist in the Courage Film Festival in Berlin, Germany, for my script "My Dad, my Friend and Me" and was also chose for Runner Up, best screenplay in the White Rose Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland, as well as Official Selection for my script "My Ninja" in the Striped Tale Animation Film Festival.

I have started submitting scripts to "Film Freeway" and have already received FOUR awards, including runner up best screenplay, official selection, and finalist!  Keep posted for more!  

Soon after graduating university, I worked as a technical editor and script writer for industrial training films made for the US Navy and Air Force, as a civilian contractor. This was my first taste of being on the set of video productions, helping shoot scripts I wrote!

I moved to Hollywood to work at Fries Entertainment ("Cat People" starring Nastassja Kinski, and "Thrashing" starring Josh Brolin). After that I became an executive assistant at NBC Television in Burbank, CA, in the Legal Department involved in the development of TV series and movies including "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," "Friends" and "Small Sacrifices." I also won awards in two NBC employee writing contests.

While working at NBC I wrote a script "The Encino Grocery Store Wars" that received letters of intent to appear from Academy Award winning actor Ernest Borgnine and tough guy actor Chris Mulkey (The Purge, Twin Peaks!)  It did not get produced although I had a lot of interest in the project.

About this time, I met my wife Annette from near Leipzig, Germany, I decided to change directions and go to Chiropractic College, where I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic.  This change in career took me to work at a medical clinic in Stuttgart, Germany, and then in the Netherlands in private practice for a total of 12 years!

I continued my script writing while working Europe, developing my ideas and skill, and submitting them to production companies whenever I could.  One script,  "Euroball" a comedy about Scottish and other international characters playing American football in Germany, received an offer of funding from the UK film council, but I couldn't find a producer to help me.  My time there greatly influenced my writing, and several of my scripts are based on experiences there.

We returned to the US in 2014 to live in Arizona, and I have started writing again, hoping to develop interest in my projects.  I have an agent/attorney who has agreed to represent me, and one of his recommendations via his law firm was to enter contests exactly like this!  Thanks so much for the chance to present my writing to your production company!

One of my favorite things to do is play music when I have time, especially bass guitar and singing.  I believe in public education very strongly, and believe music education is extremely important, along with physical education.  I have donated several guitars to Estrella Middle School near my work in Phoenix. I was also a volunteer teacher at Alice Cooper's Solid Rock music school in Phoenix!

Fun fact!  I once had coffee with top German TV and Film Star Jürgen Vogel in Berlin during the 90s about my script "The Walls Between Us" about an American woman married to a former Stasi officer.  I worked at NBC at the time and he had sent in headshots for himself and Richy Müller (Tatort and many other German films and shows), and I happened to be traveling to near Leipzig!  He nicely agreed to meet with me, as he was interested in the lead role, but the project sadly did not get funded.

Another time I was performing solo acoustic music in the St George and Dragon Pub in Stuttgart, Germany...when in walked Joe Cocker and his entire crew after a big show at the Schleyerhalle!

I serenaded them for about 2 hours with solo acoustic songs from the 60s and 70s, and Joe gave me a thumb's up when he walked out!